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I know we have an Environmental Board! an that does directly impact us as if they forclose the wheeling spots we will all be hosed on our big 4x trucks!

however i would like to propose a new board.

The Shooters Board.

there our quite a few shooters on the site here. avid ones. i have seen some good suggestions an false information out here. i dont want this board to turn into a big picture post an i love the 2nd amendment forum. God knows there is enough of em allready.

rather i would like for it to be a board to post new things that are out there (theres a gun Rack made for RCs.) an information Q&A. we have a member who works at a gun store who would be a bounty of information

also we could have a post there of our target matches that was proposed by Todd RCC Target Match

most of us use our RCs to transport us an our targets to our shooting areas. its a tie in. the main reason i love my RC is because it takes me to those far away places to go shooting. i get my wheeling fix an shooting jones all in one trip.

i will request HEAVY! moderation. you start posting how to make silencers an full autos that post is gone an your warned!

while they are legal i do not want trouble. however if you seek information on legality some members here can help point you in the right direction.

the main purpose of the whole RCC board is people communicating. we share information, stories, jokes and experience. while i dont want to steal the thunder away from the focus of our Main reason for Joining (Mopar Truck Lovers Unite!) i think it is a healthy addition to a great site.

i close with asking for feedback.
keep it positive or negative with reasons why you believe this is a good or bad idea. if you agree then maybe Sam will grace us with a new board. however if there is just a bunch of jerkwater post here about Marty in a dress an Christies new fling your not only screwing me but a potential good thing. so please keep it focused. i really would like to see this take off.


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You are just full of ideas.

Well to answer your question, why not just make a post titled "Shooters/Marksmen/Hunters" in your chapter and sticky it like i did and go from there.
cuz i want it to be a board that members can join discussion in. good idea on the
Shooter/Marksman/Hunters label though. i know Wycowboy an Cooper would have some great tips!
sounds like a good idea to me, but try it on the chapter boards first to see how it works. if it goes well then you could have sam make a board about it. and depending how often you would be on that board, you could be the mod for it. i think sam can give you the ability to be that boards mod. since its your idea, it seems fitting that it be your duty. and i think its a good idea. our rcs arent just transportation, they are recreation too. we use them to co camping, wheeling, and cruising. i dont see how this is straying too far off the main sites ideas and stuff. later dudes...
Ok lets line up some SOCO
Don, sounds like a good idea. i feel wheeling goes in hand with hunting and shooting rec. i ve been personally harboring a little seceret,... when i get to Cali i m gonna try and find the time to contribute a bit to RCC. as you already know there s some bad ass wheelin in Cali and in a lot of the public lands it s ok to take a firearm and go shooting. i was hoping to set up some flings and invite members to bring out their gats,...excuse me, firearms so we can incorporate plinkin and sceet shoots.
i m not trying to start a political debate, but democrats are trying furiously to infringe on 2nd Amend. Some states are tight as all hell like Cali to keep these essential instruments of freedom insurance out of our hands.
it would be a great way for members that haven t been exposed to firearms to see what s up in a relaxed enviroment by RESPONSIBLE law abiding family orientated people such as ourselves.
it s all a really tricky issue. you d have to keep really tight reigns on this whole project. it s so easy to sue now-a-days, you dont want somebody turning around pointing a firger at you cause they re drunk/depressed buddy decided to swallow a bullet. people will turn they re irrisponsible acts around on somebody else in a heartbeat.
personally, i don t think it would be a good idea to publically anounce a get-together that ll include firearms.
it would be safer to keep it amongst a tight knit group involved with the forum and probably IM those individuals interested in such things. either that, or maybe a forum that only shows up for those involved with your idea. that way you avoid trouble makers showing up.
man, you got your work cut out for you on this one. it s gonna be like dancing around a fire in gasoline pants!
good luck, let me know if i can help at all. can t make any promises this early in the game but we ll se where it goes from here.

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I like it and will participate.

I haven't been able to target shoot in the past few years as much as I want, but that should change this spring/summer--I have stepped down to working part-time (3 days/week).

If this goes on your chapter board, let me know. You'll have a visitor from back East. ;D

I agree with the moderation and also some ground rules. I think that any of us who would post there are already pro-2nd Amendment, so we shouldn't be trying to convince anyone. Long, preachy posts should not be allowed. A venting post about a personal event such as dealing with anti-hunters in the field would be ok as long as it stays on topic instead of calling the antis all kinds of names and then spiralling downward from there. No need to talk about shooting people. In addition to being stupid, it gives ammunition to the antis.

Something else is to avoid posting all the anti-gun alert stuff. The NRA does a good job in keeping up to date on all pending legislation. Maybe just a link/sticky to the NRA and peoples' state info. I visit the NRA site regularly and can get all the info I need about this subject there. That's their purpose.

I worry about people posting to cause trouble...what did Sam call it, trolls? I guess with moderation and strict adherence to the rules we can weed them out.

I especially like the idea because I like to learn about things I'm not familiar with like different rounds, reloading, hunting in areas I'm not familar with for animals I've never seen.

I will watch this post with great interest.

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Sounds like a great idea to me.
If we made a shooting/second amendment board on the site some of the anti gun powers that be might censor us from public computers, You know how those types are, only liberals are entitled to a first amendment right to free speech. Its also suposed to be freedom from religion, not to it according to them. You only have a right to your first amendment if you agree with them, according to them.
i see some of you folks are on target with my Idea! thats good to see. an some brought up very good points about the trollers an Antis. however i know we get a little rude an crude around here at times we have Great Mods an some pretty upstanding people. Coop i agree with you on it not turning into fight the anti board. i want it to be an informative Gun/Hunting/Sportsman related post! id also like to include Trap, Archery, Fishing. we have some resident feild experts here who would be great.

as for working it in my state Chapter board. we usually talk about this in our get togethers. were pretty small in member size so we conversate mostly by phone or meetings. plus i think there is a lot more information an post than one State Chapter could focus on.

i dont want to say "Disguise" the board but i feel its an accurate statement to say its not just a look at my new gun board. i would like more outdoor oriented ideas around this board too! maybe pics from a good hunting trip. maybe pics of an Alaskan Fishing Trip. my wife loves archery include that! the latest on good camping gear.

maybe retitle it to get away from the gunnut image.

the Sportsman/Outdoorsman Board?

gimme some more suggestions fellas! i really like what im seeing here an want to push this
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Hey Don, if it becomes a outdoors board, I've got a ton of pics of my 3 year old (well, he's 4 now) on our various canoe trips. ;D

There's a lot of things I read about that I have questions on. I'd be nice to be able to talk to someone that has actual knowledge of the subject. (like I mentioned above, reloading-I'd like to reload for my 12 ga. but I get kinda overwhelmed by the amount of info and stuff available). I don't want to forget what RCC is about, but it seems to be an interest that a lot of us share (besides our trucks). Most of my 4-wheeling is done while hunting (fishing and camping, too) That's where I break stuff. It would be a good place to focus on these subjects. They already end up in the open board and then as likely as not head downhill from there (as in dresses and boyfriends).

Here's potential topics for an outdoor board: Does anyone have a way to put a canoe rack on top of a RC?
I have a gun rack in my 90 RC, but it doesn't stay up well, any ideas?

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Great Example! no clues on the canoe rack but another member sent me a picture and point of Contact for a Gunrack. also we could share ideas in ways to secure gear like that in our RCs. Coop ill find that E-mail an foward it along.

We'll make this work yet! :)
you got mail Coop!

once we get a few more Site contributors opinions ill make a vote post an then let it run for a week an go forward with the proposal to Sam
im really hoping for some moderator inout here. but none of them have posted on it yet.
Ok so try this out in the open discussion chapter board, make just 1 post title it Gun/Marksmen/Sporting, see how you guy's can bring traffic to the chapters and i'll keep an eye on the post to keep it clean, then Sam can take a look and see what he thinks, but try the open discusion chapter board to keep it centralized rather than use just 1 states board.
Yea, not many people go to the Maine Board. Mostly CT and NB guys. ::)
fair enough Ed!

in progress
Looks like ill be spending a little less time on the open board now
its not set in stone yet. but i hope if it does become a board you will help. with your knowledge you could set us straight on fact an fiction an provide tech info.

here is the open board suggestion Ed suggested

Sportsman Board
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