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Anybody ever install these particular shocks on your RC? Good? Bad?

looking for a comfortable ride
the spring rate has more to do with ride than shocks...having said that, I'm a Bilstein fan...Every shock I've installed on one of my own vehicles since 2018 has been a Bilstein, I've tried all the rest for the most part.

to find the correct bilstein's, you'll first need to know your upper & lower mount types, and compressed & extended lengths. Then using those parameters you can search shocks on their website which will pull multiple models with different rebound & compression valving rates.. Matching up the shock valving to your spring rate is the most important aspect of a good ride. You want the spring to do it's job, and the shock to handle the rest, and not end up with a shock that's too stiff to allow the spring to work, or a shock that's too soft and not able to control spring rebound.
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