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right now i am in the process of making a sheetmetal roll pan for my 89 ramcharger. im making it from 16gauge cold rolled steel. im going to recess the lisence plate in a box in the center. the main two issues im having are this:
1. following the body lines, where it would start going to the interior: should i bend it there or make a seperate filler panel for that part and weld it together? bend would be a rounder edge, weld would be a sharper.
2. do you think there is enough room behind there to make a 'hidden hitch' style hitch. ill make 3/8" steel flat bar brackets that the crossbeam pierces. bolt those the stock bumper holes. then make the plate flip down to access the receiver tube. this would help keep the frame tied together as well as allow me to tow. think it would work? that tank is kinda close.

by the way, i wont be able to finish it very soon, because the liftgate sags about 1/2" and doesnt line up with the body lines so im either going to have to figure out a way to raise it up or get another from a junkyar [luckily the junkyard down the street has an rc with a good one (well, looks good but i didnt inspect it too well yet) that i could prolly get for like $30. thanks people.
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