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Shaggy's flip brackets, belltech shackles

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I just got this project just about wrapped up and have already had quite a few compliments. Pictures of the install and parts can be seen in the Misc. pics section on the board. or e-mail me and ill send them to you.

First for the bell-tech shackles... No one makes rear shackles for old dodge trucks. so the ones i had to use were for 94-up dodge trucks which have some small differences.... (part # 6400) from summit racing. shackle set cost me around $65 dollars. first problem encounted, the bolt holes arent quite 5/8's they have to be drilled out.... the metal sleeve in the bushing has enough meat on it to drill it to 5/8 without any problems there. also you have to grind down the bushing sleeve a tiny bit to make it fit inside the hanger bracket.... after that they are perfect. these shackles are actually made for lowering the truck 2" but with the shackle flip brackets it would actually raise the vehical 2"..... even though they are ment to be a street product they are more than rugged enough for offroad, 10 times stronger then the factory shackles.

next the shaggy's shackle flip hangers..... i was very impressed with these, they make the old peices look like they were made of tissue paper. and you dont need to do anything to them to make them fit. the holes are all lined up to perfection, angled correctly... and they look custom. and they come complete with a box full of rockford grade 8 hardware, washers, nuts, you name it.... i paid $110 for the brackets from i think the price went up a bit since i bought them. but none the less i still highly recomend these.... the instalation might be a little harsh for someone without a good set of air tools, a torch, or at least one heak of a grinder. pictures of these can also be seen in the misc pics section.... or e-mail me

Road tests havent been made yet because im still working some other stuff, but im pretty sure ill be just as impressed.... ill add a full offroad test after the truck is re-assembled.
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