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Shackle flip, Xfer case drop and gearing

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My wife says she likes the 33's and wants some on her 99 burb (2wd)...and so I start to think. I currently have the Rough Country 4" lift kit (springs all around), and was thinking I would like bigger tires too. So if I put my 33's on her rims, and get bigger tires (not sure yet...35 - 38's considered) I know I have some major work ahead.
-For lift, I believe I will add the RCC Shackle me another 3 or 4". If I just did the rear hanger of the rear spring , will it be 4" or do I need the front hanger of the rear spring also? I ask because only doing the rear should help with pinion angle.
-To help pinion angle, I want to drop the transfer case (NP208)...but I am unsure of how far I can go (is 3" to far?)
- How badly does that affect my front shaft? Wouldn't too much shim up front mess with the camber? Or hell, would I definately need new shafts? If so, could I cut my rear down and use it for the front and get a new one in back?
-And I would need to re-gear to 4.1's (running 3.23's now). What is involved there. Do I need to change out the carrier (saw a couple of diff posts...some saying yes and no) or will rings and pinions cover it (Dana 44 up front...corp 9.5 in back)
I know it is a lot of info, but I am getting the go I need to go before the light turns red. This is a daily driver (somewhat...ride my bike a good bit) that likes to wonder into swamps and mud. I would like 38's in the end, but I think I migth have to scale down a bit...but bigger is better.
Thanks for any info or opinions.
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1-2 " t-case drop is plenty there . REad the How to on the gear swap . AS for a gear size 3:90 - 4:30 ratio would be about ideal for 35" tires and up . Also the carrier will dpend if it need tore down if u swap gears which u will cuz the ring gear has to come off of the carrier . AS well as the carrier bearings . All this will need done if u add locker for sure .
If you go higher than the current 4 inches you will run into problems with the front driveshaft. And a t-case drop won't help the front.
I know dropping the transfer case hurts the front angle, but what is the best solution. Will double u-joints make it work, or will a new driveshaft be the need?
I think first I am going to tackle the gearing issue, I am running 33's now and have 3.23...which I believe is too short. I want to go with 4.11's, but need to know if I have to change the carrier or will the spacer thing with all thebolts work okay (for a d44 up front). In the back (corp 9.25) I will use a posi or locker, so I shouldn't need to do anything with the carrier, right? I would like a locker, but this will be my daily driver about 50% of the time. What is the most economical posi that works good run? Gearing alone with a carrier for the dana is upwards of 300 for the d44...and I haven't figured out back aft yet.
Thanks for any help.
actually if you drop the crossmember then you are essentially dropping the tcase and it will help the front drive shaft angle and i was told not to drop the crossmember more then 2" as far as the shakle flip i would like to know the answer to that my self and where can i get the kits at for the shakle flip?
theres a place called shaggy's offroad or something like that sell shackle flips for the rear
You can also grab a pair of spring hangars from a bone-yard ($25??) to do the shackle flip. Get the pair that mount the Front end of your Rear springs :\'(, you will have to grind your old rear hangers off and drill a couple of extra holes but it is pretty easy. good luck
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