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What should I do? Seems so the flatter, softer stock springs would give more flex than new, stiffer lift springs, but I don't wanna cut out my wheel wells or crunch one if a tire gets stuffed into it. And of course, the shackle flip is a lot cheaper, too. But since my stockers are a little saggy, I could buy cheaper OEM style leaves, and add the shackle flip, and still get better flex. That's my line of thought, anyway. Also, I only have a 14' aluminum boat that would be hauled every now and then, or a RM 250 dirtbike on a hitch rack, so I don't need a big cargo capacity for anything.

I want Rough Country's 4" lift, and I already have a 3" body lift and want to get 36" tires when I replace my 35's.

Thanks for any advice!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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