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Ok, the truck is 75 RC, 440 TQ 4bbl stock, never been apart, overall healthy. I set the timing by ear (highest RPM at idle, back a touch), and it seemed to run ok, with the exception of idling a bit high (close to 900 rpm even with the idle screw backed all the way out & throttle cable slack), and not so stellar fuel economy.
After a few days I decided I would put the light on it and see how close I was. (I plugged the vacuum advance line) The timing was way advanced. I knocked it back to where it was supposed to be, and it ran very poorly. The idle was back to where it should be ~650-700 rpm, started much easier, but it ran like a dog. I am suspecting that either the vacuum advance is shot, or the carb port is not drawing sufficient vacuum. Am I missing a simpler issue here? I am going to check for vacuum, and if there is vac, I am going to pull the distributor and make sure that the advances (vac and mechanical) are working properly. Anything I should look for specifically? Thanks,
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