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SEE What Your Missing !!!!!!!! LOOK in here!! NY's 1st Official Meet

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Well the day started off with Snow lots of snow (not like the flurries hooyeah gets) making the 250 mile trip 1 way very eventful, maybe my most eventful day yet. On the way up to Bigbirds we were forced to use many side roads just adding to the fun do to most likely a very bad accident on the main road. Somewhere shortly after this i discovered that Bogie's RC thinks it's a MoleCharger, we were about 5 miles away, and i notice that Bogies truck got bigger, no wait that's not Bogie, sob he is awol, so i pull over thinking maybe he slipped up in the snow, and slowed down, then i realize he is mia, so i turn around and head back to find my MoleCharger, as a good Chapter leader i leave no one behind, and where we go 1 we go all (well those that show up), so as i go back about a mile i come up on a black roof sticking up out of the ditch on the side of the road, it's bogie and his RC trying to tunnel under the snow, why i don't know, this still remains a mystery. According to Bogie the hand of god came down and forced the RC to become a MoleCharger, and a very stuck MoleCharger, so i became ED-3 Recovery company and yanked him out( i really wish i had a camera, and so did the Trooper) then i said i hope this goes this good for Kilr another member that is stuck.
Back on our way we finally arrive at BB's house only to discover another stuck RC with a s-10 desperately trying to do something (boonman bringing a non-mopar product to a RCC Chapter meet). So i pull a 180, and park, meet Bigbird and boonman, assess the situation, seems someone recently did some flying, breaking there front shaft rendering 4x useless so again ED-3 recovery company to the rescue.
After finally rescuing the rc and dragging it about 1000 feet we eventually get it in the garage after we shoveled snow correctly, then Phoenix and Lofrontier show up and they like the rest get stuck except they did it in the driveway with only 6 inches of snow, now this is wear it gets interesting.
When a bunch of clowns get together they clown even more not paying attention to detail so we quickly get to work removing the old suspension and getting the other suspension ready, but somewhere during this time the wonderful town of Schoharie loses all power and to make matters worse all work stops so we BS alittle and goof off even more still not noticing the problem that is slowly rising (literally rising). We look at the lift stuff boonman made and praise his work as we look at how this is gonna make this rc like 18 inches higher finally the power comes back on and we get back to work a few hours and we get it together with like no tools and i mean no tools.
With the lift in we stumble onto a problem it is so big the dshafts are now useless, but that was a given then the big problem pokes it's head up, and we realize we built a boat in a bottle so to speak, well now the RC is so big it will not get out of the garage,. but there is hope yet, modify the garage and there is a Cage dodge on the property that needs a little more work, watchout Dodgeman this 1 is a big block.
As the day draws to a close now that im back home i realize we make a good bunch of friends, and had alot of fun even with all the screw ups, and there are plenty, like when Lofrontier decided to put the spring in upside down, we are lifting it Lofrontier, but that was a slight little mistake.
All i can say is everyone one was great and i can't wait to do it again in a bigger garage next time, as for the rest of you i hope you can have a great group of people in your Chapter, i now have 5 more good friends.

P.S. i will add to this as the BS starts
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I just want to thank everyone who came to my house and helped out. Next meeting we can try to figure out how to get my RC out of the garage...LMAO.
this is too good!


Here's the link to the pics. I've really got to get a new camera. All the pics turned out so dark.
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so i see this thread is like a hundred years old but it's new to me and i gotta ask 1- just how big was that lift and 2- how did it get out of the garage ?
Iirc, it was about 11" total, and neede stock tires to get out! lol ED-3, I just left a note for Lo to stop in and say hi., Heck, he got married last year!
LoFrontier said:
Here's the link to the pics. I've really got to get a new camera. All the pics turned out so dark.
All in good fun...That is an easier fix than you think, and the camera isn't the fault. Next time try taking the picture with the light behind you and not with it behind what you are taking a picture of! The camera auto set its exposure based on what light it was getting, and it was essentially pointed at a light source, so like your eye, it shrank the iris down for that exposure. The flash probably didn't fire because the camera was sensing so much light, or may only have used a fill. There may have been one over your shoulder, but the one over theirs is what got you.
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