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seat belt protection to what speed

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I was just looking at the 74 to 80 seatbelt post and thought of something to through out there. About 25 years ago I was working for the transportation dept of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa/Carlton and I ran across in a file a federal report (could have been US...dont remember) about seatbelts. It was still MPH in Canada then. It stated that the primary reason for wearing a seatbelt was to reduce the damage of persons hitting (against) each other in the vehicle in a crash. It had some stats I dont remember...150 Lb body at 30 mph.... yaydyaydyayada. But the thing I do remember was that after aprox 60 mph whether you are wearing a seatbelt or not (no shoulder straps then as I recall) your chances in a crash are about the same...real bad. Just thought i would share that for some reason.
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the shoulder support is really where they made the huge stride in the seat belt. The lap belt really didn't do much other than helping maintain the position of the person in the seat during a roll over or a slide. Your body would still fold over just as easily and there is really nothing you can do about becoming one huge hinge when you hit a poll at 60 mph. With the tilt locking mechanism in the belt console and the shoulder strap, if everything works as it should, you aren't going anywhere. Thats why 25 years ago there wasn't a damned case of whiplash, everyone just has broken necks/noses/jaws. Now, the only thing NOT locked against the seat is your 8 lb head that can get moving pretty damned fast in a crash.
don't forget broken ribs/rib cage pressure fractures from the shoulder belt :)
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