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seat belt protection to what speed

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I was just looking at the 74 to 80 seatbelt post and thought of something to through out there. About 25 years ago I was working for the transportation dept of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa/Carlton and I ran across in a file a federal report (could have been US...dont remember) about seatbelts. It was still MPH in Canada then. It stated that the primary reason for wearing a seatbelt was to reduce the damage of persons hitting (against) each other in the vehicle in a crash. It had some stats I dont remember...150 Lb body at 30 mph.... yaydyaydyayada. But the thing I do remember was that after aprox 60 mph whether you are wearing a seatbelt or not (no shoulder straps then as I recall) your chances in a crash are about the same...real bad. Just thought i would share that for some reason.
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I'm a firm believer in seat belts. Yes there a certain situations where they will not help you survive an accident, but there are plenty of other situations where they absolutely will. And believe it or not a seat belt can help prevent an accident.

I am a survivor of a roll-over. Had I not been wearing my seat belt I would have certainly beeen tossed all over the place inside the cab, maybe even being ejected. I can't tell you if I would have walked away or been seriously injured, but I can tell you that I did walk away and I contribute that to the seat belt I was wearing at the time.

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