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Submitted By: GlennS
Date: February 10, 2009, 02:53:38 AM
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Seat Armrest R&R and Cover hints - GlennS

The toughest part of installing the covers was removing the armrest. This actually turned out to be much easier than I thought. The key here, as in any job, is to have the right tools. The armrest comes off with a single screw. This screw has a threadlocker on it, so it is tough to break loose. It takes a #4 Phillips. I used a P4 bit in my ratchet and it came right out. Using too small of a screwdriver/bit will most likely end up with much frusteration and possibly a stripped out screw head.

The P4 bit and ratchet.

Below is the screw that must be removed in order to take off the armrest. This screw actually has two functions. It limits the armrest in up/down movement as well as holding it onto the pivot pin. Once the screw is broken loose, simply pull the armrest out as the screw is backed out.

The screw that must be removed. Note that the armrest is DOWN, if it is raised in the UP position it blocks access to the screw.

Just push the vinyl of the armrest up a little to gain access to the screw.

The armrest removed.

Once the armrest is off the bracket, remove the two screws securing the bracket. The cover can now be installed.

The one point that had me stuck for a few minutes was how to run/connect the two straps that held the cover at the point where the seat top meets the seat bottom. Since the original cover is pretty well shot anyways, I decided to make some holes in the vinyl. At first I was going to just cut some, but decided these cuts would probably lead to the vinyl ripping further. So I used my soldering iron and melted some holes for the straps to pass through. I put my hand from the front, using my fingers to raise the vinyl off the metal bracket while I melted the holes. I found out that the lint that collects there will try to smolder and ignite, so have some water handy... Alternatively the holes can simply be cut.

Here is another tool that is easy to make and very helpful for getting the straps where they need to go, like through the holes made above.

Once the has been fully installed, take some time and get it situated just the way you want it. Now locate the holes for the armrest bracket, carefully note where the screws for the bracket go and cut some holes in the cover for the screws. Take your time, and don't allow the fabric of the cover to snag on the screws while installing them or it will twist/distort the cover. Be sure to get the bracket on TIGHT.

Now it is just a matter of putting the armrest back on and re-installing the screw. I put some White Lithium grease on the pivot pin of mine.

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