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SB to BB swap 84 ram 4x4

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Who can tell me if i can swap out the bellhousing section off of my 318 727 with a regular BB 727 i got layin around, and mate it to the tailshaft section and transfer case......they are both 727's, right? Is this the way everybody does it or do i need to locate a "so called" BB 727 4x4 trans? Please help!
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oh yeah, i know it is a one piece design, i just didn't know how to word it properly........So, I can take this 440 and 727 out of this 76 new yorker and swap out the internal components in the transmission body, and then just bolt up the tailshaft and transfer case off of the small block 727? (sorry if this sounds like i'm asking the same QUESTION again, i just want to make sure i know what i'm getting into) ALSO. anything else i need to know about the swap ? If you have any other info, i sure would like to know, thanks
I'll be using a mid 70's TF, so overdrive won't be an issue. I have a truck pan off a 440 so thats also taken care of. As far as the engine mounts go....I made my own mouts to drop that 400 in my 66 valiant and fabbed all the manual shift linkage, so i think i can handle the motor mounts. All that is left is the power steering?
I guess i got everything i need then. i appreciate all the feedback to my Q. I'm a little nervouse about tearin into that perfectly good SB 727 though. I got a 727 rebuild book, maybe it'll help.
BrianT said:
oh read Dodgemans 727 rebuild thread he has going it has good info and osmewhere out there is a good info i found on google it was froma binders site but the 727 guts are the same though . found it doing a search on rebuilding the 727TF
can't find dodgeman 727 thread!
I am doing the swap. Any other info no matter how unimportant it may seem , i would like to here it, Thank again for all the advise!
1 - 6 of 17 Posts
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