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SB to BB swap 84 ram 4x4

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Who can tell me if i can swap out the bellhousing section off of my 318 727 with a regular BB 727 i got layin around, and mate it to the tailshaft section and transfer case......they are both 727's, right? Is this the way everybody does it or do i need to locate a "so called" BB 727 4x4 trans? Please help!
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RXT said:
For the most part, yes. Keep in mind that there are some variances which may not work (Such as overdrive 727s and such)

Aren't the OD versions of the 727TF the A-518 and the A-999?
Power steering is no problem either.. Find a PS equipted BB car in the JY, pull the brackets, pump, & lines.. Install the pump.. and between your lines and the JY lines.. take some notes. amd what doesn't connect have a local Hydraulic hose company build up for you..
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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