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SB to BB swap 84 ram 4x4

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Who can tell me if i can swap out the bellhousing section off of my 318 727 with a regular BB 727 i got layin around, and mate it to the tailshaft section and transfer case......they are both 727's, right? Is this the way everybody does it or do i need to locate a "so called" BB 727 4x4 trans? Please help!
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I've been working on swapping a 440 from a car into my truck also and here are a few things I've learned:
Need truck exhaust manifolds.
Need truck oil pan, sump and dipstick.
Need 4WD truck motor mount brackets.
Same rubber motor mount works for all SB and BB engines.
Need water pump housing that exits on passenger side of engine.
Technically, there is a different radiator for the BB's that have both the inlet and outlet both on the passenger side, but I have seen people make it work with the SB radiator using a "custom" top radiator hose.
If you swap parts from a 2WD to a married 4WD 727, you will need the stub output shaft and adapter housing from the 4WD version. Sometimes there can be slight differences between other internal parts from year to year and duty rating (4 planetary vs. 3, steel bushings vs. plastic, etc) . Make sure that you don't mix these different parts between the two transmissions or you may get the incorrect endplay (different bushing thicknesses) and the tranny won't go together right.
This one's obvious but I thought I'd mention it: A distributor from a 383 or 400 won't work with a 440 RB.
Kickdown linkage is different also between a SB, BB and RB.
Hope this helps. Good luck to both of us. ;D
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Yep, I still lurk around these parts. ;D
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