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Hi everyone,

Just joined and this is my first post. I had the itch to buy a new truck recently, and I practically scared myself to death one day when I found myself sitting at the dealer ready to sign on the dotted line for a beautiful new cummins for about a trillion dollars a month.

So, I pulled my old 83 1/2 ton out of the weeds where it has been rotting away since I parked it there about three years ago, and I have been throwing money at it instead. So far I've got the machine shop working on a 360 to replace the tired 318 that I pulled out. It should be an inprovement, Keith Black pistons, dual energy Comp Cam, Edelbrock carb & intake, headers, complete MSD ignition, etc., most of these goodies are still in the boxes they came in. I've also got a 4" Rough Country lift still sitting in the box

I have a couple of questions that I would like to pose to anyone who might be in the know. First, I would like to put in a late model bench seat out of a 94 or newer truck. Has anyone done this? Also, I am looking for some good looking black tube bumpers, who makes them and where I can get them. Smittybilt makes a decent looking front, but I can't find that they make a matching rear.


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