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Saturday, Nov. 9th?

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Does this date sound good to anybody else for a chapter meeting? I think SlickWillie should be back in the country by then, hopefully.

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ya i dont think i have any thing goin on that weekend just give me the time and place. Thanks Jay
Sounds good to me. I got back last night, leaving again on the 14th. I could use some stress relief{smoke} I'll give ya a call.

I am thinking either Brown's Camp, or Goat Mt. Road. There is a good place to do some shooting at Goat Mt., but more trails at Brown's camp. Brown's camp is a bit further away from portland.

I am thinking 11:00 or noon. Maybe meet up at my house.

Brian, I'll call you tonight. Are you any good at framing? (heh heh) ;D

Gotta run, my wife is coming :-X
Guys, feel free to call me. I should be home all week. 503-232-7088

Come on people, let's go wheelin'!! The more rigs there, the more fun it is. Big storms are coming our way, which means lots of muddy action. I think this is where Ian plans on taking us.

Looks like fun, so give Ian a call, he'll give you details.

that's the place! It's raining! MUUDMUD MUD!
Be at my house by 10:30, 11:00 at the latest. Call me for directions.

I will be bringing 10 gallons extra gas, a spare 32" on a 5 on 5.5 inch wheel pattern. Rope, all my tools, an axe, a chainsaw, a shotgun, two pistols, at least 250 rounds, a camera, and probably a lot of other shit I hope I dont need. ;)

I am pretty sure SlickWillie will have a tow strap for exstracting errant rigs.

Guys, I think the Dodges may be out numbered here. we need to show my jeepin buddies what mopar has to show the offroad world ;D
Mount up guys, let's hit the trail! It's been raining hard for days now, so it will be nothing but good sloppy fun.{cool}

I have a tow strap (30000#), shovel, water, gas, some tools, & a desire to get muddy.

This is the first big rain after a long dry summer, so let's go enjoy it.
What crazyness.

Pics to come.
Can't wait to see the pics.

Oh, wait a minute, I took pics too.{smoke} It'll be a while before I can get em developed tho.
Hope you guys had some fun I am sorry I missed it I could not get out of work on saturday only to find they fired me around 2 that afternoon stupid bastards should have let me know on friday then i would have come you can count me in on the next trip if my rc is up and goin.
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