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Santiam Mountain Mud Festival (Foster Lake) --- Not just Dodges..

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Muddin at best for us Oregon ********! There are some sweet Mopars towards the middle and the end of the 2003 set. Not sure about the other ones. Links to the image galleries are on the top left hand corner of the site, with 4 years of galleries in total.
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i wanna play too :\'(
The one on the bottom left had to be painful:
whlnwgn said:
I like the tr7 in the top right corner!
That didn't look that bad. All the pics I saw of foster's several years ago made it look like a lake with a little mud thown in. It looked pretty dry there.
Looks awesome! What is the smallest size tires that run there?
People show with stock trucks. There's shallow stuff there. Not much, but some. Most of the mud there is usually 2-3 feet deep. Seen trucks that were just skyin 44's buried so deep the mud was up to the fenders.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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