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howdy SAM / I got this today from my web host and thought it mite be something you would be interested in / I dont know if it would work here but it sure did improve my site and the rest of the ones I visit on this server / they went from dog meat slow to speedy gonzalas / its was that big of a improvement / here is the letter just the way I got it / it would be cool if they had a free 30 day down load you could try- LOL
check it out for what is worth

Subj: ezboard and JXEL
Date: 8/16/02 6:34:28 AM Eastern Daylight Time
From: [email protected] (ezboard)
To: [email protected]

As you may know, ezboard recently added a new technology called JXEL
to our community network. This software has significantly reduced our
bandwidth usage on our servers, and at the same time increased the
speed and reliability of the network. Our bandwidth fees were
scheduled to take a major increase this year, and with JXEL we have
been able to contain our costs.

We chose JXEL because they provide a great product for caching,
compression and administration. They also happen to be long-time
ezboard supporters. JXEL will work on any size website or network.
If you're looking at ways to improve speed and save on bandwidth, I
highly recommend their service.

In addition to the benefits we've already seen, the JXEL engineers
have discovered even more ways we could improve speed and reliability
on ezboard. We will be making those improvements soon and don't
worry, the only change you'll see is faster page loading.

To find out more about JXEL or how it helped ezboard, you can go here:

Vanchau Nguyen
ezboard, Inc.
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