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Ryobi 18 volt cordless tool set/Homelight 18 volt cordless yard tools

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I bought the 5 piece Ryboi 18 volt set at Home Depot for $199 plus tax, and I love it. It came with a 1/2 drill, a sawzall, 8 inch circular saw, dust buster, and light. My only complaint is that the dust buster could be more powerful, but I just wanted it to do a quicky on my carpets when I go to carshows, so it's perfect for that. The light is super bright too.

I use the Dewalt 18 volt line at work, and the Ryobi line is just as good and durable, but a lot cheaper. This set is perfect for the home do-it-yourselfer that doesn't want to spend a ton of cash. I use these tools for everything from carpantry projects to working with metals and it hasn't disappointed me yet. It comes in a nice hard plastic case that holds all the tools, the two batterys and charger, and has plenty of room to stick drill bits, saw blades, etc. in.

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I'm a trim carpenter (install doors and baseboards, crown moulding, etc) and use the Ryobi 18 volt kit. I first started using them after one of my crew had all his tools stolen and couldn't afford to replace em. All his were Dewalts. After a few months of using them and having no problems I picked up the set. They work very well, the only problem I've had with them is in the heat of Vegas in the summer time the batterries didn't want to charge. They would have to cool for quitew awhile before they would hold a charge. Other than that, great tools! It's been a year and I haven't had to invoke the warranttee. And with a two year warranttee I don't expect to have any problems in the future!

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