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rotzip rebellion spiral saw

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my wife picked up the rotozip rebellion spiral saw kit a few months ago. it was orginaly purchased for her art work and crafts, well not sure if she gonna get it back.

the kit contains the rotozip, a circle cutter atachment, and a right angel grinder/sander/polisher and various collets. it came with a 3 zip bits and a selection of grinding wheels,cut off wheels, various corseness sand paper and some polishing pads.other available ascesories include a router style base and a flex shaft.

price: 150$ canadain approx

the saw is very easy to convert from application to application. it has a selectable speed feature that makes it easy to control the tool in various usses. it's a rugged tool that is well made and takes a good amount of abuse. the only negative side to the rotozip is the the price of the various disk and the lack of choice in the packaging of the disk.(i wanted to pick up some polishing pads but had to buy a variety pack of cut-off, grinding and sanding pads as well for 17$) my biggest complaint with the tool is the amount of heat the thing buts out when ussed in a grinding/cutting/polishing role over an extended period of time.

the tool befromed beyond my expectation when i was preping a used bumper for my wifes pathfinder. it quickly and effortlessly removed paint, primer and rust from the bumper ussing the lightest grit paper at 20 000 rpm range and polished to a very smooth paint ready point ussing the polishing pads at 15000 rpm range. it made very short work of modifiying my stainless steel airbox cover ussing the grinding wheel and the small size gave me a lot of control to the point that i did not have to worry about damaging the plastic airbox(blower motor housing). the cut-off wheels also worked well in cutting the metal for my tire carrier. wicj ranged from recycled bridge steel plate to 2" square tube stock.

i can only hope that it perfoms as well in a wood/laminate working role later. but for now it will be one of my most ussed tools in fabricating components and parts for blue.

pictures to follow
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Will Dremel attachments fit, cause you can get the cut off wheels and pads etc. separately instead of the combo thing.
if you mean the standard dremel moto-tool there a big diference in the size. if you mean the dremel advantage spiral saw, i haven't looked at the assescories for that one yet. i do know that the dremel advantage tool flex saft will allow you to use the various grinding, cutting, carving etc... bits from the smaller moto-tool.
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