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kick_the_ram84 said:
Depending on what type of T-case you have, the slip yoke could be the T-case output yoke, or If the yoke is solid on the T-case, then the splines on the drive shaft where the two pieces come together is the slip yoke. To check for play, just see if the two pieces will move or have play against each other.
On a different note, if you find out that its the blocks or related components, and you repair them let us know where you get the U bolts for the leaf springs. Im lookin for a set for my truck, and the only place I found that has them is the dealer, and they want 50+ dollars a piece for them.....
Let us know what you find out....
i have found that quite a few places that make trailers or trailer accesories can make your u-bolts for you. had a shop make mine they were about $6.00 apiece with nuts and washers.

1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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