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I mentioned the Summit -390048 kit a few months ago on the Tech Board. Well, I finally decided to scrap the idea of having nice looking radiator hoses and go back to the old rubber. After several combinations of adapters and covers vs no covers I had to conclude that rigid tubing doesn't do well on something with stiff suspension.

Every time I got a leak tightened up, all I had to do was go down the driveway to start another leak. Obviously the rubber hoses will flex much better than the more rigid stainless. It's true that the stainless tubes are flexible, but once you get them cut and in position - the only thing that flexes are the joints at the adapters.

I'm not going to tie my engine down so stiff that it might improve this situation, besides, the body will still flex a little anyway. If you try these on a similar year model with A/C, you will need to grind a little metal off the compressor. Sorry it took so long to get this dialed in, they look so good I had to keep trying. So, I don't recommend using the stainless ones on a stiff rig.

It's May now, and I put the factory style rubber hoses on with no problems - I was wondering if I was losing my touch. Now I'm in to a brake nightmare, it never ends...
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