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right turns = horrible thud

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78 power wagon, 360-4, 727, 203
got hung up on a hill without my skid plate on (d'oh). checked underneath and everything looked fine, but now whenever i make a right turn, there is a hugh thud from underneath the truck (not continuous, just one big one), like someone pounded on the bottom with a sledge. it happens when i brake a litle bit and at the apex of the turn i turn the wheel a little harder, and then wham-o. it does it very lightly on left turns. motor mounts and trans/t-case mounts are fine, as i just had them replaced. any ideas???
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the steering isnt whats making the noise, its coming from somewhere underneath the cab. it doesn't really sound ping-y like metal to metal, but i haven't given up that option yet. the steering and axles are all fine, its the wieght transfer when everything leans towards the driver side during a right turn that makes it thud. looking under there today, i saw that the lower cab insulators aren't touching the cab support at all, and can spin freely. is that bad? i dont know if thats whats causing it, because they have been like that for years and this noise only started happening 2 weeks ago.
i cant feel the cab lifting up at all though....?
i replaced the cab bushings, but the thud is still there. thought it was a bent echaust pipe hanger, so i tapped it straight, and now it thuds during left turns as well....
crap, that sounds like it would be an expensive fix. ill check that out tomorrow, thanks.
i thought that was it too, but the exhaust isnt contacting anywhere on the frame or the crossmember. could it possibly be the bolts connecting the manifold to the exhaust are loose?
took a look at the cv, and there appears to be some bare metal on there from it hitting something. how difficult is it to rebuild a cv joint? how much would a shop charge? last question (i promise), i know the "CV" stands for constant velocity, and it has two u-joints, but does it also have some type of spring in it?
1 - 7 of 16 Posts
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