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right turns = horrible thud

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78 power wagon, 360-4, 727, 203
got hung up on a hill without my skid plate on (d'oh). checked underneath and everything looked fine, but now whenever i make a right turn, there is a hugh thud from underneath the truck (not continuous, just one big one), like someone pounded on the bottom with a sledge. it happens when i brake a litle bit and at the apex of the turn i turn the wheel a little harder, and then wham-o. it does it very lightly on left turns. motor mounts and trans/t-case mounts are fine, as i just had them replaced. any ideas???
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Does this thud sound metallic or just a loud thud? Metallic sounds are likely metal to metal contact somewhere.

High centering a truck isn't always bad on them unless you have an aluminum t-case and the entire weight of the truck is resting on it, and BTW, you wouldn't hear thunks when you steer.

I'm making a guess here but check the body mounts. If you high centered the body, you could have popped a body mount but it won't explain why you hear it whenever you steer.

I would suggest you inspect the front springs and shocks. Look for a broken spring, bad spring eye bushings, or even a broken eye bolt in the hanger.

Check the steering box carefully, look for signs of cracking around the steering box on the frame, also check all of the cross members from front to rear for looseness or missing rivets especially under the radiator.

Lift the front tires off of the ground and while someone steers from lock to lock carefully look for signs of binding in the entire steering system, and while the tires are off of the ground inspect those wheel bearings.

Can't think of anything else at this time.

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