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right turns = horrible thud

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78 power wagon, 360-4, 727, 203
got hung up on a hill without my skid plate on (d'oh). checked underneath and everything looked fine, but now whenever i make a right turn, there is a hugh thud from underneath the truck (not continuous, just one big one), like someone pounded on the bottom with a sledge. it happens when i brake a litle bit and at the apex of the turn i turn the wheel a little harder, and then wham-o. it does it very lightly on left turns. motor mounts and trans/t-case mounts are fine, as i just had them replaced. any ideas???
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check your u joints, especially the ones in your front drive shaft cv joint, also check to see if the axle u joints arent possibly binding

BrianT said:
check amna make sure u didn't manglke the front CV joint in the front drive shaft . I bet u screwed up the CV
read what i told him in my reply. i said the same thing

as far as cost, you can get the cv rebuild kit for about $25 or so and then the 2 new ujoints will be about another $25 so it isn't a terribly expensive fix

i only know this cuz my rc used to do the same thing and that is what it ended up being

1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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