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Replacement kickdown cable and throttle cable bracket

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If you need a new kickdown for your torqueflite tranny and totally adjustable throttle cable bracket. then this is for you.

I have a 360 with edelbrock 650 carb and the 727 torqueflite auto tranny. I have a 4 inch body lift and needed a new way to mount the throttle cable. I bought this kit and bought the throttle cable bracket and it was well worth the money. Took me a couple hours (I'm slow) of getting things exactly right and now I have a tranny that shifts correctly. It really cleaned up the appearance also as the OEM stuff looked like a big mess.

Torqueflite Kickdown Cable Kit
This patented kit will give you the proper throttle pressure your transmission requires, correct shift points, versatile installation combinations, and provide longevity to your Torqueflite.

Price: $109.97

Multi-Fit Accelerator Cable Mounting Bracket
Price: $26.50

They also have longer throttle cables (if you need one) for the dodge but you can get the same thing if you get one for 225 6 cyl motor.
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I just purchased this kit from .

it cost more than the Lokar stuff but i wanted to try it, i liked the idea that it was proven out on mopars to start. After researching it on the site and reading about both products it was the one i decided on. I went to the Bouchillon website and everything you need to read about it is posted on the website.

The installation instructions are posted there and they are exactly what you receive in the kit.
I followed the instructions and it installed in about an hour or two. I worked on it before i went to work so i did not get an exact time but its very simple to do. for my set up i had to modify the bracket a bit but it was a simple fix. So you will knopw i had to make a small piece to help line up my throttle cable and kickdown cable.

This was more for me than it was for the install, i wanted evrything set a certain way, this way i got it.

After i finished it i am glad i spent the extra cash. I think it is a great kit and a well thought out part. I cannot leave out that shipping was extra fast and the people for the customer service were very helpful.

I do want to note that i usually do not post on these things but i really was impressed with this product and how easy it was to use.

i purchased the same parts as in the earlier post.
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