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How does the wiper knob come off the turn signal stalk? Is it just pressed on or what. I need to remove it so I can fix the cruise control mount ears that are broken. The FSM for the 89 says remove it, but doesn't specify how.


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I dont know for sure either but if you are looking at the instructions almost sounds like it unscews off the end of the shaft?

Disconnect negative battery cable.
Remove steering column cover, then the steering wheel pad from steering wheel.
Disconnect horn electrical connector from horn pad.
Remove steering wheel nut, then then steering wheel using suitable puller.
Pry wiring trough from steering column, then remove wiring from trough.
Using lock plate compressor tool No. C-4156, depress lock plate and remove retaining ring.
Remove lock plate, cancelling cam and upper bearing spring.
Remove switch stalk actuator screw and arm.
Remove hazard warning switch knob.
Remove turn signal switch attaching screws, then the switch.
Remove ignition key lamp, then the lock cylinder.
Remove buzzer switch by pulling straight out of housing. Do not allow spring to fall into column.
Remove three housing cover screws and housing cover.
Press wipe/wash pivot pin out using a suitable punch.
Remove wipe/wash switch assembly.
Pull the hider up the control stalk, then remove stalk to switch attaching screws.
Remove wipe/wash switch control knob from end of stalk, then rotate control stalk to full clockwise position and remove stalk.
Reverse procedure to install. Torque steering wheel nut to 45 ft. lbs.

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Hey Chump thanks for the reply, I figured it out. The knob slides straight off, it has a round shaft with a flat on the end. The knob is just a press fit, I used a pair of linemans pliers, placed the cutter blades to catch behind the knob next to the cruise control switch. A firm pull and off it pops.

Thanks again
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