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Submitted By: skyjackedRC
Date: October 31, 2008, 04:51:43 AM
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How to recenter Hummer double beadlocks for 5" X 5 1/2" bolt pattern - SkyjackedRC and my Pops

Picture of my pops cutting out the centers​

Piture of centers cut out and one with the new centers tacked in​

After cuting out the existing 8 lug centers, go over the rough edges with a grinder. Also, clean up the old paint on the inner part of the rim where you will weld the new centers in.Next you will need to decide what backspacing you want, we went with about 3 1/4 inch backspacing, simply because it was the easiest, we just put the new five lug centers in as far as it would go and the backspacing turned out to be 3 1/4.This puts the tires a little more outside the fender wells.

After putting the centers in and making sure that the holes in the centers line up with the T bolts in the rim, and after measuring the backspacing you are going to go with,(making sure its even all the way around) weld them in.

New centers fully welded in

Rims done with outer ring on​

The welds my pops put down on each rims were 6 inches long, 4 total, each across from each other. You could weld them all the way around for more strength if you plan to keep your truck five lug for quite a while, but we figured what we had was enough and it would be easier to convert back to eight lug if we ever upgraded to dana 60's.

For the inner beadlocks we went with the stock 2 piece magnesium runflats instead of the pvc ones because the magnesium ones are lighter, way cheaper, and in my opinion easier to install because they are two peice. You may want to grind them down quit a bit, mine were already grinded down quite a bit when i got them, so i grinded them down some more and rounded the edges.

For installation just put one peice in, then the other, bolt one side up, move it around in the tire until the side is visible and bolt it up also.

2 piece magnesium runflats

Inserts inside the tire

Inserts fully bolted up in the tire​

After you get the inserts bolted up in all the tires the last thing to do is to install the tires on the rims.Make sure the rubber o -ring is in good condition still, I replaced them with new ones just in case. Put the tire with the runflat over the wheel with the bolts pointing up, then put the outer ring(make sure o ring is in right place) over the bolts,add your bolts,( i added a few drops of oil to each bolt to make tightening them easier). I just tightned them in a criss cross method until all were tight(not sure if theres a certain torque#) and until the lockdown ring was fully compressed with the rim. After that i aired them up and checked for leaks, and then installed them on my RC.

All finished, painted and installed on my RC​
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