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Submitted By: mrpeal
Date: October 6, 2008, 10:17:23 AM
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Everyone says 16.5" wheels suck, they have no safety bead, can't air them down, blah blah blah. They even say you can't beadlock a 16.5 wheel. Traditional beadlocked wheels only lock the outside bead of the tire. The inside bead is not locked down. Since the 16.5 wheel has no safety bead, they say a beadlocked 16.5 is useless since the inner bead can unseat still.

However, hummer beadlocks are double beadlocked, they lock down both outside and inside beads of the tire, not just the outside like the traditional beadlock. So that makes them better then the traditional 15, 16 or 17" wheel beadlocks.

There are some drawbacks with the hummer wheel, it comes in only one width, which is 9 7/8" wide. The worst drawback is it has a 7.25" backspacing.

I can deal with the rim width, most tires can run on a 10" wide wheel, so since the hummer wheel is almost 10" wide it should be fine with almost any width tire.

USA 6x6 makes new wheel centers for any offset you would like. They also sell a PVC beadlock so you don't have to use that big heavy military issue magnesium runflat to beadlock the tires. I got both the new wheel centers and the PVC beadlock from them, Daniel from USA 6x6 was very help and promptly shipped me my parts.

Once the parts arrived Jamie(mrpeal), Andrew(Drew), Shane and myself got to work on them at Jamie's shop.

The first thing on the list was to cut the stock wheel center out. Jamie got to work on that and cut the wheel centers out with a torch.

Here is a pic with the wheel centers cut out of the wheels.

And one of the cut out wheel centers.

On the left are the lock down ring of the stock hummer wheel and on the right are the new wheel centers from USA 6x6.

Once the stock centers are cut out, drop the new wheel centers in. The inside of the wheel is tapered, so you have to tell USA 6x6 what offset you want. We just dropped them in, banged them down with a hammer and checked with a tape measure till they where in there even.

Here is what it looks like all squared away.

Once you have everything correct, weld them up.

Here is a pic of one all welded up.

Once they are welded up, we took a 4 1/2" grinder and cleaned up the area where Jamie torched the stock centers out.

Now that the re-center process is done, I went ahead and cleaned up the wheels and painted them. I painted the main portion of the wheel flat black and painted the lockdown ring red. My dad helped me mount them up.

First you have to insert the PVC beadlock into the wheel. My Dad and I found out that it is easier to push the PVC beadlock in like the pic.

Then pull up on the inside of the wheel while pushing down on the beadlock. We also sprayed soapy water on the wheel to help lube it up. It is much easier with 2 people doing this, but I had to take the pic so it is only showing my Dad.

Here is a pic of PVC beadlock in the tire.

Take the main portion of the wheel and lay it down with the studs pointing up.

Now take the tire and PVC beadlock and set them down over the wheel.

If you look real close you can see the rubber O-ring around the wheel. Don't forget to put this on otherwise you will have leaks when you put the two halves of the hummer wheel together.

Now set the lockdown ring over the stud.

And start adding the lock washers and nuts and bolt it down. I used some Grade 8 lock washers and nuts.

Once done tightening down the bolts (I just made them tight, I am sure there is some spec on what to torque them down to) fill them up with air and check for leaks. I filled mine to 7 to 9 psi each.

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