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Rear wheel bearing

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What do I need to do to get access to the rear bearing? I took the drum of once and i only seen the hub for the wheel studs. Anyone have a step by step?
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swamthang said:
what rear do you have?
Not sure off hand, its a 89 2WD with 3.50 gears.
You need to pull the axle shafts out. Once you have them out you can get the bearings out. You need a special slide hammer bearing puller to get it out. Most parts stores have them for rent. Get the seal and bearing out and put the new ones in. Pretty easy.
Yup, basically just take the rear cover off, take out the pinion retainer pin bolt, pull the retainer pin, then push the axle shafts INWARD and remove the C clips from the ends, then you can pull the shafts out. DON'T turn the shaft as you are pulling it out, otherwise the spider gears will fall out. Pull the seal, then the bearing. Repeat on the other side, then installation is the reverse. Make sure you get the bearing and seal installer tools (or a socket that just fits inside the axle tube) when you get the puller to make sure you get everything seated squarely. ANd don't forget to pack the bearings!

Matt {peace}
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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