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Rear Hatch Repair Questions

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Hello I'm new to the board.

Just bought this 87 RC for a Turbo Diesel swap/build up.

My problem is the hatch is hanging at the hinge and won't shut correctly. It looks like the hatch is separating from the hinge. I tried to do a search on it but did'nt have any luck.

Has anyone had any experience with this problem?

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Chad, I fixed quite a few of these broken hatch hinge points. I started by doing my own and then several more for friends. The good news....After I fix them, they don't break any more. The bad news.....looks like you're in Ohio and I'm in MD and you're looking at shipping + $100.00 for time and materials to get a bullet proof hatch repair. If you can work out the shipping details, I'd be happy to repair it for $100.00 and gurantee it.

1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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