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Rear Disc brakes

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TSM's rear disc brake kit: $ 250 (or so i can't remember exactly)

Ok as you know on a p/u no load or weight in the bed it really doesn't matter what brakes you have, on a rc it would benfit more so than a truck like mine where it would benefit all the time.
With 2k lbs in the bed the truck is able to stop so quickly from high a speed it will send anything not bolted down flying forward.
For me the biggest and most noticable increase in stopping distance was with weight in the bed or a lot of weight on the trailer, i am only sorry i never did any before and after comparisons with the factory brakes and the TSM brakes, but i can tell you the difference in stopping is huge, and i plan on putting them on the Jeep GC.
Install time if you are mechanically well experienced is like 1.5 hours from removing tires to installing tires (w/no air tools) , there is no need for any drilling or fabricating other than welding on new line holders if you opt for the braided stainless lines all around as i did, and if you opt for the 3/4 ton calipers a small amount of grinding on the little bump on the bottom of the calipers.

There are pic's in the truck section
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So is there a link ? This is something I've wanted to do for a while now.

you can also find their info in nearly every fourwheeler or 4 wheel & offroad mag in the back, they usually have a small ad in there...
From what I understand from the site, It looks to be over $500 for everything. I don't think I want to do this any more :-\
You can get the main install kit from them for 250 and get the rest of the parts locally. They supply the rotor and brackets for the calipers. You can get the calipers locally at autozone for about $40 each and then brake lines and pads. It would be cheaper than getting the rest of the stuff from them.
You got a point there Matt, but how can anyone gaurantee that the calipers from autzone will fit? I just don't know if the conversion kit is of Mopar likeness ??? I know it fits our trucks, but I;m still curious.
Yes, the calipers from autozone do fit. It doesn't matter where you get the calipers, as long as you get the right ones (for the correct year donor car). I got a set from a JY for $50 bucks, and saved $110 on core charges. I also found out, I can do the same thing, but return the new ones and get a FULL core refund, even tho I didn't pay a core charge. That is a $110 profit !!!

Well, I put the kit on my truck, and it fits. That is all I will say. I had 3 of their grade 8 bolts strip, and one of their spacers that I had to use had a hole mis-shaped. The bolt would not go thru it, so I had to ream it out. Their directions are lacking also. I followed them as best I could, and had to redo a lot of the steps. It is also impossible to change the pads without removing the disc, because of the way the spacer is welded on for the bolts. I had to grind some of the pads backing plate off to get them in.

Instead of being able to slide the caliper on like you are supposed to, you have to put it on at an angle, and 'work' it onto the spacers. Once this is done, you then have a different diam between the spacer and the bolt head, and this can allow the caliper to get stuck in the compressed position when the pads are worn. I modified some stock spacers to fit and eliminated that problem on mine.

If you read my post in the service section about the problems I had with them when I ordered the kit, you will see, that when combined with the installation problems, kinda makes it a less than quality product in my opinion.
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When I go to the parts store, What car should I use as the donor car?
For calipers with ebrake that would be a caddy el dorrado, 77-78. If you don't want the ebrake setup, then really any year will fit. I did a homemade rear disc on a dana 60 in the how to section.
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