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ready for another 170,000 mi

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1987 W250
360 (new) 2 bbl
Roll bar, bull bar, KC's
2" lift
No rust, dents, or rips.


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;D I like, Now thats a very clean & sweet looking truck. ;D
Thanks Montana. I just checked out your site and "Old Yeller" is an Awesome ride!
Really Nice truck man!!
wow, she's a beaut
Thats a nice rig man. Wish mine looked that good ;D
nice looking rig, I sure like that old iron ;D
I like your truck, has a very nice stance! & I love 3/4 tons
By the way, TIMEX is not the only thing that takes a Licken' and still keeps Ticken'
Are you using Engine Restorer in the silver can? If your are you can agree that it is good stuff! I recomend it to anybody.
thats a good lookin truck. I like the black.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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