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area51 said:
First of all, I don't have a RAM, it's a Dodge w-200 power wagon from '77
second, I'm not COMPARING apples to oranges, I'm just telling that to us europeans even a 318 (which is concidered small in US terms) is HUGE for us, while most cars in europe in those days just had about a 60 ish cid engine.
Off course we had lorries (commercial trucks) here, but they were diesel anyways.and mostly designed to carry 12 to 40 metric tons.
just because it was 40 years ago I can't think of any comparable truck.
These first generation Dodge trucks came into Europe by means of the US ARMY, they are for the most part M-880series CUCV's demilled and sold to scrapyards and so.

A 360 magnum would probably bring you almost as much HP and TQ as a late late 70's 440, but you would probably be in the same mpg as that LA 318. The magnums were not known for mpg back in the 90's compared to other engines but they did produce power.
No, until now I didn't think to use a magnum engine. what would that bring me?
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