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Re:Tightening Vent Window Locks

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I got a piece of card board under it to make it tight...I can't figure it out either....$.02

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how about a popsicle stick--aafter it's been used
There are small pins in the pivot that have to be driven out. Once the pin is out the entire pivot comes right off. Under the pivot is a tiny spring, be careful, don't lose it like I did. The pivot is tensioned by a spring washer which is probably shot. I used a thin flat washer left over from an EGR valve I replaced. Put the thin washer, the spring washer and then the pivot on and GENTLY squeeze the pivot in with a c-clamp. Drive the little pin in and you're done. You need to be real careful doing all this cause the vent glass can easily break. It got rid of that annoying whistle in mine. Hope that helps.
I had the same problem. I took the intire vent assembly out then removed the glass and put a small bend to the lower pivot post. Tightened it right up.
on my 86 RC the handle comes off by removing the little pin, then there is a phillips screw that has to be tightened, it was a piece of cake.good luck!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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