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RE: Snorkel for 77 Dodge

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umm, question?

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I want to Build a Snorkel for my 77 dodge. I want to either run it in the cab(inplace of heater core) or through the fender up the cab(traditional snorkel). The problem is i can't find the part that connects the carburator to the intake hose. I found one from K&N but they want $165-$205 for one.

I can't believe they want that much. does any one know of another or how to make one. thanks
Send an IM to jaazmg. He has one on his RC that he built himself and it looks pretty good.

this what i need but K&N want to much for
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what you need to do is put your imagination hat on. just use some silicone and duct tape and presto! you have a a snorkle attached!
The problem the stock air clearner is off of a 84 oldsmobile delta 88 and it has out lets all over it for EGR and other crap. i guess i could thry and weld all the hole shut. but it doesnt seal that great to the carburator. thats why i want that thing that K&N makes. Would it be possible for me to make one out of 1/16 steel or something.
Just get a good, soft rubber seal for the air intake and tighten it down really good. Seal off all other ports and once you get it together use a propane torch to check for leaks (unlit of course :) ).
Well, what you have to remember is that if water gets up that high above your engine, you're pretty screwed anyway, cause it'll probably be in your distributor, inside your wires, etc, not to mention your fan blades will probably have pulled themselves into your radiator. You more than likely won't be "sumberging" your engine, you just need to plug all the major holes (i filled in preheater hose inlet and egr stuff with aa bunch of silicone). It's just to keep most of the water out. Heck the seal is done with duct tape, how waterproof do you think that is? You really just want to keep the main intake from sucking up a bunch of water. Don't sweat the details. At one point, I had water up to the door handles, and about a foot of water inside the truck, but it still kept going, and i didn't get any water in the diffs, engine, engine oil, or tranny. The setup I had worked out just fine.
ill try it this weekend. thanks for all the help. what would be good for sealing the air cleaner to the carburator. the air cleaner doesn't seem to seal very good. i guess its because its off a oldsmobile
Is there anyway to water proof your distributor? i read some where that ford put rubber boots over the distributor, i just don't know what year.
Silicone sealant around the edge, then let it dry on the distributor. Try a lot of that boot lube on the wire boots, should help keep it from shorting out too bad.
just be careful with sealing the distribtor, it could cause moisture to form inside and then you would have problems. I bought some spray stuff, it's like a plastic coating. You just spray it on and it dries clear. I put it on my terminals (no corrosion) dist. and electrical connectors. The only problem i've had with it was trying to jump start someon, since i covered the terminals, i couldn't get a good connection (doh!), but a little wiggling of the clamps, and it was good to go!
What about the fan? You hit that much water and the fan will go into the rad!
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