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Re:quick ratio steering box...?

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I know how you feel about the wide turns, it takes 4 lanes to make a U turn i my truck. as far as I know, there wasn't such thing as a quick ratio for the trucks, but I have heard of a company doing quick ratio's for the cars, and the guts of it could be transferred over. hope this helps.
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uh how qwik you wanna turn? they did a similar install in a 4x4 mag. but they made the steering real slow. it gave them more "leverage" to turn the heavy tires over even on the rocks. it doubled the turns to lock. so there was a lotta wheeel wippin to get that thing around a corner. now how does that benifit you ??? this isnt a steering box. it is just a gear set that installs between the steering shaft which gives you a "2:1 gear ratio" what that means is you turn the wheel once and the shaft rotates 1/2 turn. real slow turning but just like a gear set in a rear end gives a mechanical advantage. but the cool thing is, is that you can flip this gear box up side down and you ll get a .5:1 ratio. that means helluva fast turns. every 1 revolution of the steering wheel is 2 for the shaft. will tighten those corners right up whether you want it to or not. hope you work out or lift weights tho ;D they can be found in the summit racing catalog or on summits www under suspension/steering stuff.
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I think the stock ratio is something like 30:1, if it were 2:1, then you'd only be able to turn the steering wheel a half turn to make lock to lock turns. I know that the manual steering in cars could go as far as 16:1, if you were to use that, it would significantly change the steering characteristics of your truck, but it still won't turn tighter, just faster. to go tighter, you have to be able to relocate suspension geometry, and change the steering lock locations.
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