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there is alot of scams out there and ebay definalty has it's share. maby im nieve but isnt that why ebay has it's feed back. as far as most other formes of scams ..... email, mailings, telemartketers, guys at exit ramps holding signs, and some dude with a unbeleaveable deal. if a person pays attention to the world around them and bothers to think and do a lil research then they wont fall for such BS. maby im far to critical of human beings but im of the opinion if you get taken by a scam chances are you did alot to deserve it. ... i hope this dosnt offend anyone but it's the way i feel about it. ..... there is no free ride, no stranger is going to meet you on the street corner and make you rich because they like you, this new end all be a gadget isnt going to solve all your problems, or give you car the ability to get 8000 MPG, and the streets arent paved with gold and there are no free lunches. and if people arent willing to accept this fact then let the buyer beware. David
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It has been talke about in the past to have some sort of parts board that will have reviews of products, reviews of shops or services, etc. I think this would fit in well with that board. We could go as far as having a "bad" parts board where member can let others know about crappy parts so the unknowing won't buy the crappy part.
What I meant was have a parts related section, that would have those various boards within that section. Since ebay stuff are actually parts related, we could have an ebay scams board as well as an ebay items board.
thesasquach makes a very good point about the large number of scams that take advantage of the kind of people that bring it on themselves, but there are loads of scam artists that use the anonymous nature of the internet to fool even wary people.

Ebay is full of them. Feedback isn't foolproof as there are ways to pad your feedback rating with bogus positives. Every time you buy on ebay you take a chance since you must send the money first and get the product later. The best defense is to research every auction you plan on bidding on. I think that's what Brew is proposing. Just a way for folks to check out and discuss any questionable auctions.

BTW, ebay doesn't always appreciate it when you expose dishonorable sellers. These sellers generate a lot of money for ebay and they generally require bundles of proof of blatent fraud before they'll shut them down.
my origional post is aginist a message board for scams ... but honestly the more i think about it it may be a good idea .... including a list of bad ebay sellers. David
The ebay stuff will need to be under very good moderation, since all expired items will need to be removed. Who is up for this?
Sam do you mean the ebay deals board or the ebay scams idea that was brought up? ....... eather way im on here and Ebay three to 4 times a day. i can handle it. David
Actually all the boards, like the parts and product reviews, service reviews, and the ebay stuffl.
i can handle that. and would be glad to help. David
Even some legitimate seeming ebay Items are sold by crooked sellers, and the feedback sometimes wont give you a clue. Awhile back I was bidding on an R/C in Seattle. I had contacted the seller by email and made all the arrangements should I win the truck. Then these bidders with 0 feedback started bidding up the price. The seller figured I was very interested, and thought I was stupid or something, and thats when I learned all about shill bidding. He had 3 or 4 alias names all with 0 feedback, and he would take turns with them, jacking up the price. I snooped around in his former auctions and found 90% of his bids were from 0 feedback bidders. Well, I had the last laugh when he jacked up the bid one more time just before the auction ended, and I let it go. And what do you know, he emails me a few days later and tells me the winning bidder backed out, and wants to know if I will pay my highest bid. Suck this!{flipoff} And ebays safe harbor is a joke too. They see nothing wrong with any of this.
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