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Elwenil said:
Hmmm, I honestly do not remember any of these members. I suspect many of them were gone before I came here to RCC, but I do remember the name SlantedMind being mentioned a few times but I don't remember anything to go with it other than these discussions. As for suicides in general, I sort of have an odd kind of respect for them. Having been suicidal myself a time or two when I was younger I fully understand the emotions that drives one to such an act. When you desire to be a certain way with all your heart and mind and yet life and society are forcing you to do something else, something has to break. Sometimes it's the mind, other times it's the heart. Trust me, no one is happy to commit suicide and to take that unknown path willingly and all alone is something to be respected in my opinion. Most of you will probably not understand that at all but I guess maybe it would take being at that point of despair to comprehend the chaos that goes through your heart and mind at that point. Having stood with a gun to my own head I fully understand the fear of taking that step and I fully admit that I could not do it. The fear of death for me was stronger than my fear of life at the time. It's a huge choice made over a lifetime but executed in seconds that is completely and totally irreversible and a leap into the great unknown. Whether it be bravery or desperation, I respect it to a certain degree.
I can understand your point of view, Lanty, but in reality and under normal circumstances, meaningless suicide is one of the most selfish and desperate acts an individual can perform, especially when there are those out there who still love and care for them. Besides that, they're usually the ones stuck cleaning up the mess you made for the most part. Sucks when they miss a chunk of brains wedged in the sofa cushion, huh? LOL :)

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