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I just knew it had to happen! "Before this gets out of hand"; here comes the brainwashed ***** led by the Neocons and the ADL! I own 2 Ramchargers, 1 RAM3500, 2-RAM2500, 1- 1946 Dodge WC-15 pickup, and 1 1969 Roadrunner. I believe in the Constitution as what it meant when it was written, LIMITED government, rugged individualism and Conservative principles. This website is supposed to be about Dodge RAMCHARGERS, but when I saw the "Religion & Politics" sector, I couldn't resist throwing my 2 cents worth in. And, it sure didn't take long for the Anti-free Speech Jewish censors, and the Jew Goon Neocons to pounce on me! Wake up sheeple, it's all about FREEDOM!
Dude, don't be barking up my tree. I'm just not willing to demonize a whole segment of the population based upon the actions of the wormy rotten apples in the bunch. ;D

KThaxton said:
Censor? who was censored?

Foilers, I think you have a new leader.
Either that or the guy is a Mossad plant, Kendall, only here to stir up trouble, gather information, and generally make us all look bad. LOL ;)
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