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SuperBurban said:
Ok, I missed that you swapped it. But I would still give it a try, only takes a minute or so.

If you have a Tester, you can put the key in the run pos, and start at the coil (It should not be 12 volts, but somewhere like 6 to 8), then work your way back to the key. Coil, ballast, junction block, outside, and inside, then the key.

Or run a jumper from the bat pos, to both sides of the ballast. You want +12V to both sides of the ballast, and the wires going to it, or just both wires. 99.9% chance that that will make it run, you would just verify the things we are thinking are working. If it runs, you will still need to start at the key, or the coil, and test to the other.
I have 0v at the coli on both sides and at the ballast on both sides grounding to the battery. 12iah volts at the starter relay and alternator
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