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When I said it has a 3/4 rec cam, I meant recreational (rec) or RV cam, not a 3/4 race cam.

I bought this outfit from an older fella who has since moved away and he told me when he bought it new he ordered the 360 engine special from the factory with a 300+ horsepower engine. Soo, I don't really don't know much about the engine except it has 3/4 RV cam and when it idles it sounds like a pony loping down the trail.

What I need is a new Dodge diesel, but can't afford payments because fellas who earn their money on horseback don't earn all that much in the first place. This pickup is in great shape, I like old pickups with no payments and I can afford a few hundred bucks for a different exhaust system if it will help. I'm a cowboy, not a mechanic and I only work on my truck myself to save the $98.00 per hour shop rates. Usually I only excel at Jimmy-rigging things with baling wire.

You fellas are the ones who know what works and I need your advice. Maybe someday when my ship comes in I can buy a turbo or a new pickup har, har. But until then will any of the mentioned exhaust systems help with the torque or should I just keep the exhaust system I have???

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