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Elwenil said:
Ok, but what in my post said otherwise? ??? ;)
LOL Lanty!!! I was going to say that with a 3.23 front axle, a 3.55 rear axle, all tires of equal diameter, and the transfer case's center differential unlocked, the truck would simply operate like a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, at all times. Of course, Kendall might tend to disagree with me, but then it's just another fine summer day in Moabia. 8)

Half-ton full-timers have slightly mismatched front/rear axle ratios anyway (3.23/3.21, 3.54/3.55, 3.92/3.90), so I don't see too much of a problem with the 203's center diff as long as the proper internal lubricant is used, again 10W-30 motor oil to be specific.

The real damage would occur should the above example be "locked in" on anything less than a super-slick icy surface. Even in stock factory form, Chrysler always recommended the transfer case only be locked under low traction conditions and never on hard, dry pavement. ;D
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