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5/8th's studs were usually on 1 ton dually's. Probably a 70. Diff cover should be the same as 60 but with more material around the edge of the cover.
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Sorry , I didn't realize we were talking front. If it's a front diff with 5/8ths studs , but doesn't have the dual wheel adapter on it , it may have been out of a 1 ton SRW truck. Is this a open or closed knuckle axle? Could also be out of a old 600 or 700 series ( 2 ton ) . Either way you have a pretty stout piece.
They needed that bigger housing for the ten and a half inch ring gear... big strong piece !
That's the point, it's a D70.
Do you mean the band is in between the cover and the housing? could it be a spacer to increase fluid capacity or am I way out in left field now?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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