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SuperBurban said:
Many countries that ban guns, have suicide bombers. I have been within sight of a gun fight, and even ordered my soldiers to take aim at civilians (actually unknowns at that point), and to shoot to kill, if they did anything crazy, as I walked up to see what the issue was. And have had the pleasure of being within a mile of scudd missiles striking. With knives & guns, you have a chance at winning. Suicide vest/car/truck bombs, you are either in the kill zone, or not. There is no jumping over a wall, like TV has.

I have the tools and knowledge, to build knives, swords, guns, and even bombs. The simplest and easiest is to make bombs. When I was a teenager, I made several bombs because they were the easiest and most exciting we could do. We quit when we underestimated the power, and made about a foot wide hole in the ground, and broke some windows. Then later the Army invited me to Fort Lenard wood, and learn how to properly set off explosives, Calculate whats needed, and where to place it to destroy things. And my favorite, was the classes on improvised explosives. I got off track a bit, What I am aiming at, is these people are bent on doing harm. We as a nation, need to understand why. We need a way to catch them before they start a plan, and intervene somehow. It is not the accessibility of the tools, they will find something, a car, a truck, a rifle, and pick them off from a distance, A car bomb in the parking lot, as the [people are leaving. There is endless possibilities. What we need to get back to, is communities knowing those around them. Community policing, will never work when the cities look at the police department as a source of revenue.
Guerrilla warfare won the Revolutionary War, George, and that MacArthur fellow knew his shit...

The nice thing about cities, is that it all can be mostly contained there. Ever wonder what all those urban expressway sound barriers are for? ;) ;)
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