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Re:An idea for debate: RCC Kids

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My kids are a little young to sit at a computer and "chat".

Not a bad idea, but how do you get them to sit in one place for more than 30 seconds? ;)
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I like the idea Glenn. My youngest is already a member of RCC (CamoRam_1) and would be interested in a kids forum I'm sure. He is eagerly awaiting RJ 2003 so he can meet other members and their kids. It sounds like you have a good handle on it already. Lets do it.
Brew, even though I don't have children myself, I think it's a great idea. I also like the idea that only the parents and children will have access to the board. Even though everyone I've talked to on the site seems like a great person, you never know if anyone else is surfing around the web looking for little kids. Security would be a must for this.

Brew, I like the idea of having a forum for kids....I have 3, of which only one is old enough to sit at the computer by herself, but the other 2 won't be that far behind. I know they all like to look at the trucks that are posted on here while Brian and I go through the member truck pics....and I'm sure they'd love to meet and talk to other kids from the RCC site. Again Brew, great idea ;D
Speaking as a kid at heart ;D I think it's a great idea. I especially like the parents and kids having access to the board to weed out intruders. You could even make a link in the adult profiles to sign up your child and provide extra security for yourself and your children. That would also make it easier to differentiate between the kids' and parents' screen names that will be allowed into the board.

Good thinkin' Brew :D
The idea is cool, but what I fear is once they get use to the kids board, they may venture out to the joke board or the open discussion board, where alot of the stuff in there isn't really fit for children.

Also, the kids board would have to be heavily moderated to keep the bad stuff out.
I am with Brew on the kid board moderation....only allowing the parents and kids in there would keep that clean, I would think. Also, you know how only the Site Contributor's board is visible once you have been given the status? Is there any way that the boards like the joke board can be placed off-limits to kids? You could differentiate like I said above by having the parents click a link within their profile to sign their child up, so you would know by that special link that it was a I making any sense?
(this is dramtoughsgirl)

I think that TD79sgirl is making sense....we only get access to the contributors board once a contribution has been made. Is there a way to keep the kids locked into only the kids board unless/or until their parent would ask for them to be "unlocked" without any major problems or without taking up too much of your time Sam. Just my .02....

There really isn't a way to make a selected group not see a board. The way it works, is if you are a site contirbutor, you can see the site contributor board, if you are a regular member, you can't see that board.

So we could make a board that only kids can see, but we can't hide boards. Default everyone see's it.
maybe I'm getting a little sidetracked here, but what about making a board, like the chapter board, but add an .htaccess logon on the server. That way, the board is not accessable for anybody outside who doesn't have the password plus, if for some reason this not enough, make the normal HTML login, so that only the registered individuals can post (and registering is not an option, but can only be done by adding them manually).
Well, I've got 3 teens and I can tell you that they wouldn't be too interested. Heck, they slunk down in the seats when I drop them off for school in the R/C so their friends wont see them. They just dont have any taste in beautiful trucks! Besides, they all have their own favorite chat rooms elsewhere on the net where they "hang out" with thier friends.
I don't know how interested kids would be in chatting here seeing as they can chat in thousands of different chat rooms that pertain to other things they're interested in, but I bet there are a lot of young teens (middle school age) who would love to see a beginners board.

Stuff like explaining things real clear and simple that young people would find interesting. I know I would have loved to have had a place to learn the basics (changing oil, wipers, simple mainenence, what parts do, what to watch for when dad is working on his truck, etc.) My father really didn't have the time or money to do these things with me, so I really am just learning now at 22.

You can really have a great time with this. There is nothing more fun than teaching kids. We could have links to games and sites with fun 4wheeling stuff on them. Basically we would be priming them for future excitement. Even more basically it would be a forum that would help someone in the passenger seat that knows very little understand more of what's going on. This could be really really fun.

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