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Re:78 Trailduster Don't Delete it this time!!

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looks good! what color are you gunna paint it? are you gunna get the four by four decals put on? that looked real badass!
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I'd just paint it and drive it... Or even just drive it.
If you can get that RC road worthy i might buy it later on this summer maybe . fixing to sell this VW Jetta round the end of summer . I know it needs an exhaust right ? What else ? If it sells so be it but I would buy it .

Looks good body wise, how much are you asking?

I know I am pretty far away, but it never hurts to ask.
Darn it James, I shoulda took a closer look at your truck before I bought mine...course the asking price was a little higher at the time but I'd have been ahead still...oh well I guess! Can't do anything about it now.

James? LOL, whoops. My bad Jimmy. Suffering from a lack of sleep for the past uhh semester! :D Yeah yeah, you told me so, I wasn't whining to you. Well sorta but I am definately not blaming it on you! I don't remember if the pics were up at the time or not (pics can lie but I get the feeling I can take someone's word on here), but anyway. What I was supposed to be getting was, like I've said before elsewhere, a LOT more than what I some, lose some...timing coulda been better though!

Hey man, my best advice I could give ya is to drop $15 into that carb and give it a rebuild, and rig some sort of exhaust up if it's that bad. It'll sell a lot faster if it runs as well as it can, rather than people having to trust claims of "it'd run great with a new carb." Made all the difference when I went to sell my '71 Swinger...body was very clean but people walked away reluctantly after driving, wasn't very confidence inspiring with a bad carb! After fixing it, the first guy to come look at it promptly paid me just under full asking price for it...

no one even stopped to look at it? :eek: im looks good.
Disregard my last transmission ;D I'm keeping this ugly ole rattle trap hehe I love it though...the carb sucks ass on it and it back fires through the exhaust(which it has no exhaust) but I still love it :) My grand-dad is rebuilding me a 2bbl carb for it and I've got a few other little nick-nacks for it :) I want to make it a daily driver sometime but every penny that goes into this truck is going to be MY money so it'll be a slow process :p Once I get my camara fixed and the carb on it and able to drive it down the road I'll try to find some kinda trouble I can get into with it ;D
that looks like a real solid truck! at least yours still has the floors in it!
Ya I like it still having floors in it HAHA I'm thinking a 4" lift from Rocky Mountian Suspenison. Say some chrome 10" wheels of some kind and some 33 12.50 MT/Rs. I'm wondering about maybe two tone (dark brown and tan) Like TED is :) But just without chrome...because this truck came without chrome so it doesn't have the little tits to stick the chrome on :-\ I think it would be sharp anyways....
Glad to see your keeping it, although I would of considered buying it had I seen this months ago :eek:
Well if yall have read the thread on Big Mo than you'd know that I'm trading the TD for Big Mo. Our best friend is the one we are trading with. We started tearing it apart working towards the painting stage and Calvin came over and helped today. Here are a few pics of the fun today. The tires on the front in the first pic are 33 12.50 on 10" wheels..we was test fitting and trimming the fenders for em to fit(the guy giving the thumbs up is Calvin) Hope yall like this,I'll keep updating it as we work on it.


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I think it is time I dismantle my trail duster and do the same. It is only sitting now slowly giving parts to my truck. Keep up with the photos and build up. Looks real good though.
Dang that truck was all in one piece when i left at Noon saturday. Yall were busy after i left. and Jimmy them axles was heavy lefting them out by hand.
sweet, makes me want to help or start on mine. only if I had the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Dave- Ya we got hard to work on it after I got back from taking you to Gerdaline. I'm glad we didn't have to get the axles in there by hand LOL Glad you got em back safe and sound.

MudCharger- Thanks for the comments. It's alot of fun getting to work on this thing and it's gonna look awesome when its done! I'm in the same boat as $$. We're doing the work but Calvin is putting up all the $$ so not much $$ coming from my pocket so it's nice haha

Here are a few updated pictures for yall. Got it mostly tore apart and took it to the car wash and cleaned it up a good bit. Hoping to go get the exhaust done this coming Friday. Then it will only be a matter of time before we can get it all trimmed out and ready for the final paint! ;D

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You said you where triming the fenders for 33's. Is the drivers fender trimed in the first pic. of the last three. If it is it looks really good.
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