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Randolf Parade July 4th

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ok guys this is an invite for all who are going to be at Ram Jam. There is going to be a parade in Randolf on the 4th. Trail Krawlers is inviting us to join them in the parade. They like to have as many 4x4's they can to give support to the town that gives the ORV park so much support. They need to get a head count on how many want to be in the parade. So post here if you are going to be in the parade. They need a head count pretty soon so let me know SOON. If you need more Info let me know and Ill find out.

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i'm in.... that is, if people really want to see a vehicle as rusty as mine. ;D
Cooter said:
Mopar_Mudder said:
On the fifth is it, that is kinda the main wheeling day maybe. Actually I suppose everything will be broke by then any way so we can just trailer though and high tail it out of town, LOL
Don't forget those axleshafts ;) ;D
last year's Ram Jam:

quote from crowd: "dude, what'd you break?!"
Brent: just an axle shaft. no biggie, i always have extras in the truck, (wink) just in case.

he was back in the muck in about an hour. that is so sweet!
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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