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Ramus from Sweden

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Okey here she comes!
She is born 1981 and have a 440 under the hood and she lives in SWEDEN
and it's very expensive to feed that lady but what a hell it's for fun and i have other small cars to drive when i just should move my ass from point A to B :)

(Here is a smaller image the other one was toooo big.)

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Looks good but the pic is HUGE!!
NIce looking truck. Like the name too, Blazer Sucks! I'll bet its quite expensive to "feed" that 440 over there in Sweeden
Very cool name.. ;D At $1.00 per liter I'd hate to fill that gas tank...
Very nice truck! I am very pleased to see Ramchargers breaking into international relations. Must be very nice towering over all the little lambs. ;D
Ain't nothing like an RC with a 440!!! That mill puts out some serious power. ;D
Nice ride, Blazer-sucks! It looks very happy surrounded by snow...mine would be a bit envious---she misses Colorado! ;D
Big, Bad, Black Ramcharger. Nice rig. I didn't think 81's came with 440's. What do you do for parts!!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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