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Submitted By: Andrew Hill
Date: February 10, 2009, 09:55:16 AM
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RamchargerCentral.Com Prototype 1 Shackle Flip Install - Andrew Hill

The installation of the prototype 1 shackle installation kit was a straightforward and relatively simple affair.

Step 1 was the removal of the gas tank. Care must be taken during this process and instructions in a factory service manual should be followed. Once removed, be sure to remove all traces of gas and vapors from the area, and use plenty of ventilation, so as not to blow your self up when the grinding starts.

Step 2 is to jack up and support the frame with all the tension off of the axle. The wheels may be removed at this point for working clearance.

The next step is to remove the shackles from the spring mounts that will be replaced.

Step 4 is to grind the 8 rivet heads from both mounts. The factory mount can then be removed from the frame (See fig 1.)

fig 1​

Once both sides and remaining rivet parts have been removed, the new shackle mounts can be installed using the accompanied hardware (See fig 2.) All of the bolt holes lined up perfectly without the need for adjustment. Torque all bolts and locking nuts to torque specified in kit.

fig 2​

Step 6 is to attach the shackles to the new rear mounts (See fig 3.) I personally felt that it would be beneficial to my truck to remove the shackle from the spring and turn it around so that the shackle crossbrace would not contact the spring during extreme flex. At this point recommended procedure is yet to be determined.

fig 3​

Retorque bolts to spec specified in factory service manual. Reinstall wheels and fuel tank, recheck all bolts for proper torque and test drive. Bolts should be rechecked for proper torque after 50 miles of driving and every month after that.

Here are some more pictures of the finished product installed on my truck. Figure 4 is from the rear of the frame looking forward. Figure 5 is a picture of the shackle with the suspension unloaded (no weight on springs.)

fig 4​

Figure 6 is the mount, suspension loaded (wheels on the ground.)

fig 6​

Figure 7 shows my pinion and driveline angle after installation. Note that there are no degree shims on my truck and the spring pads have never been removed from the axle. Trucks with different lifts or wheelbases may need some sort of pinion adjustment.

fig 7​

Finally, Figure 8 shows clearance afforded by this kit. The rear suspension of my Ramcharger has a 6" lift rear spring, a u bolt flip, the new shackle mount and nothing else. No trickery went into the design of the suspension. Note the clearance between the 40" Ground Hawgs and the uncut fender. Clearance was about the same on the front of the fender.

fig 8​
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